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The future is coming, as technology continues to quickly evolve and we immerse ourselves on digital worlds more often, we should envision a world where real can compete with virtual. Leveraging on the right technology, we could amplify our daily experiences making real more desirable.
The Goal
In the context of a speculative future were technology is driving us away from real life experiences, develop a concept that could increase people desires to engage with the real world. The project should serve as a way to kick start reflection around the topic of technology overuse and the resulting scenarios that could happen.
Overdrive is a smart patch that monitors both your physiological responses to different real life situations and experiences when engaging on social media or virtual platforms; in time Overdrive can learn what makes you feel good and what makes you feel bad and by altering the hormonal balance in your body it can make you feel the way you want, amplifying good experiences and reducing bad ones.
Each Overdrive smart patch has readers to monitor you and is linked to you Smartphone and computer to track your engagement to different social and virtual applications. Through its cartridge that hold different hormonal cocktails, Overdrive can alter how you experience life, effectively hacking you perception of anything that you wish. The different color indicate different goals, red patch is for love and passion, the black one is to increase excitement and make you feel more energized and the blue focuses more in balance and stress reduction.
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