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Although universities like UT have different alternatives for having food on campus, often students struggle to find alternatives that suit their needs. How can the food on campus experience be improved to give students and faculty more agency of the options they are offered?
The Goal
The objective of this project was to develop an alternative offer of food on campus for UT students that is affordable, healthy and more tailored to their particular tastes and that makes the food on campus experience more enjoyable.
the food box club
FoodBox Club puts the options for food on campus in your hands, whether you choose to buy food on campus or bring it from home it makes it easier and a more enjoyable experience. Whether buying on campus or bringing food from home this service makes eating on campus easier and a more enjoyable experience.
FoodBox Club is a membership service designed for the UT population that provides them with agency on the food options for eating on campus that are affordable and more tailored to their tastes and needs.
Food on Campus Journey Map
Key Insights
The food offered-does it taste good, is it made with quality and does it have the right nutritional value.
The cost involved-can people afford it, not once but as a viable alternative for their daily needs.
The logistics it involves-How much time it takes from people, where can they eat it or where can they store it
When enrolling into the service, people would go through a quick survey that would gather information like the types of food and ingredients they like, allergies they might have, nutritional goals and time availability.​​​​​​​
Based on their responses, people are grouped into large groups that share similar preferences. 
Each group is offer a different kit that is more tailored to their needs.
Food Box Club Kits
-Membership card-to purchase or access services from the FoodBox Club on campus.
-Monthly meal plan(digital)-Indicates the meals would have during that month, this determines the ingredients needed.
-Food commandments-a guideline for them to understand the basics of food preparation.
-The flavor wheel/codex-a tool that teaches them how to pair ingredients and textures to create dishes they love.
-Recipes flashcards-basic recopies that are tailored to their particular tastes.
-Skill card deck- illustrative cards that describe different cooking techniques.
-Transportation box-for carrying food to campus.

As part of the FoodBox Club people would have access to storage lockers around campus that helps them preserve and warm their food at the moment they need.
Additionally FoodBox Club cooking stations would be scattered around campus to provide the option of purchasing meals at a convenient price, the menus would be the same as the one they are provided on their monthly meal plan.
Food on campus shouldn’t be a troublesome experience; the FoodBox Club aims to give people the options that are right for them by creating a service that gather the right data, provides the right tools and a wide range of services to make the food on campus a joyful experience.
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